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When we were preparing the members area, we tried to do our best to make the navigation and everything else simple and clear. In most cases all our members are able to browse the content, save images, watch movies etc. without any problems nor issues.
In some cases you may however need some assistance or help so you will find some Frequently Asked Questions here. If you are still having problems, please send us email using the link on the bottom of page.

If you just want to ask for more content of specific girls or have any kind of suggestions, we ask you to use the members board for that so also other people may discuss it.

Questions and answers

1. I cannot play movies, what is the problem? How can I solve it?
If you have any problems wathcing the videos in most cases it happenes due to your computer misconfiguration. Depending on the system you use, you may need to download and install some drivers or software. If you use Windows, you may find the proper drivers here: Official Microsoft Codecs. If you use Mac, the movies should play without any issues with all the newer versions of MacOs.

2. I downloaded the zipped gallery. How to open it??
All the current versions of Windows should open the zip files. If you have any problems using this, consider downloading WinZip (shareware). You can find it on Official WinZip Page.

3. Can you give me the contact to the girl?
Sorry, this is for now impossible. Most of the girls are complete amateurs and do not allow us to share their contact info. However in some cases we may forward the emails to them and if they wish, they will respond. We have no influence on their decission.

4. Can I download the images and keep on my PC?
Yes, all the content of this site is 100% legal so you will not go to jail for that :)

3. Can I share the access info with my friends?
NO! You have bought the membership and you are the only person allowed to access the members area. If somebody else wants to become the member, he must pay his own membership. We have installed the modern software tracking all attempts of password sharing - if we catch you doing that, your account will immediately get blocked and you will have no rights to refund.

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